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The Colombia government / FARC peace talks: A timely and sobering article

With a h/t to @mikelasusa your humble scribe would like to draw your attention to an article from Insight Crime, entitled “The Reality of the FARC Peace Talks in Havana”. With the Colombia round one election just gone and round two run-off certain to have the FARC/Government peace talks as the central battle point, it’s a necessary and clear-eyed view of what’s been achieved so far by the Santos-sponsored negotiations and what’s likely from talks to come (if anything, because if Zuluaga wins on June 15th kiss the whole thing goodbye). Here’s the wrap-up to the note and if you follow this important regional story but don’t feel the need to click through after reading this…

The conditions for a real peace agreement are in place. The environment is perhaps more propitious for a deal than ever before in the last 50 years. Yet it is clear that the talks in Havana are not what the government has been selling, and that peace is not around the corner.

…there’s something wrong somewhere. Whole piece here, today’s LatAm must-read.

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