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The Copper Mountain (CMMC.to) 1q22: If you’re going to miss…

…do it in style. Don’t hold back on the missing, go for it, make the effort to miss guidance by miles.

Ouch. In the NR, CEO Clausen stated, “We expect the second quarter to improve from the first quarter…”. Not a difficult promise to keep, Gil.


    Oooooouch that was bad.


    I no longer have to wonder why Zeta Resources have slowly been divesting their 36 million share holding in CMMC.


    If this is a kitchen sink quarter, with everything from the cap costs on the trolley car system to even a 2nd backup shaft, this beatdown could mark a bottom in the stock assuming copper prices hold. And also assuming one is willing to give management a mulligan on the shaft failure, leaning more towards “could have happened to anyone” than “negligent operational oversight”.

    A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods 26/04/22 1:55 pm

    Mr Wonderful explains why he only owns the Gold … and not the Miners ….



    I thought it was a license to print money and only the fools sold this back in Q1 2021?


    Mark, would appreciate if you could make just a short opinion about Freeport report a couple of days ago? Not to crappy right? Stock caught in the bad market? Reason for asking is because they are so important for sentiment in the copper space.


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