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The ‘Coqui-Dictionary’: Argentina has fun translating Jorge Capitanich

New cabinet chief and potential successor to Cristina for TheBigJob, Jorge Capitanich (nickname ‘Coqui’) has been causing guffaws and general amusement in polite Argentine circles with his convoluted use of language and teminologies for things that he’d….well, he’d surely like to say them out loud but he’s a politico, right? 
Anyway, here’s a neat list of Capitanich-isms (dat a word?) already out there in the public sphere along with their definitions, according to Argentina’s serious newspaper (and CFK opposers) La Nacion. English translations your author and before we start let’s make this clear: WE ARE NOT MAKING THESE UP (and fwiw, I really like the ones for inflation and energy crisis).
We say: “Inflation”
Coqui says: “Dispersion of prices”
We say: “Devaluation
Coqui says: “Exchange rate with evolution according to the parameters followed with respect to other currencies in order to guarantee competitivity.”

We say: “Wage increases
Coqui says: “Recognition for the security forces”
We say: “Wage caps”
Coqui says: “Rationalization from the point of view of the capacity to comply and the preservation of the adquisitive power of salary”
We say: “Dollar flight”
Coqui says: “Inertial tendency in the reduction of international currency reserves”
We say: “Price capping”
Coqui says: “Perspective of greater certainty from the effect of achieving a convergance of prices and salaries with the effect of defusing price increase expectations”
We say: “Energy crisis”
Coqui says: “When one has the strategy of economic, development and income growth, obviously this creates conditions for a determinate amount of inconveniences to appear.”
We say: “Error
Coqui says: “Incorrect expression from myself”
We say: “Looting”
Coqui says: “Deliberate actions by determined groups with a view to provoking damage and/or crimes of whatever nature”
We say: “Price freeze”
Coqui says: “Voluntary price agreement”
We say: “Programmed black-outs”
Coqui says: “System of service interruption on a rotational basis”

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