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The cost of living in LatAm cities

Mercer has come out with its annual survey that ranks the cost of living in 215 major world cities for foreigners living there (note…this ranking does not rank the cost in terms for locals). Number one is the most expensive, number 215 is the cheapest. Now for sure we at IKN don’t care much about the rest of the world because LatAm rules everything amen, so this little table shows how LatAm cities figure in the Mercer list:
Mercer: Cost of Living Survey
for foreigners in world cities
city ranking
Sao Paulo 20
Rio de Janeiro 29
Havana 45
Bogota 66
Brasilia 70
Caracas 100
Santiago de Chile 123
Panama City 127
Montevideo 129
SJ Puerto Rico 129
Lima 135
Santo Domingo 147
Buenos Aires 161
Mexico City 166
Guatemala 169
SJ Costa Rica 183
Monterrey 193
Quito 194
Asuncion 204
Tegucigalpa 206
La Paz 211
Managua 212
The region’s most expensive city is Sao Paulo Brazil, something that will surprise nobody who’s been there. Havana ranks highly for foreigners mainly due to forex rules. Then comes Bogota, ranked 66 in the world. Looking down the list Buenos Aires still stands out as a bargain (thanks to that 4:1 forex to the dollar), as does Monterrey. La Paz is a great place to live, by the way, not just for the prices.

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