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The difference between the blog and the newsletter

I get asked on that from time to time. “Hey Otto, is your newsletter just as much of a waste of time as your blog, or do you actually do some work from time to time in your slackerfest frictionless life?”, or that kind of thing. So for what it’s worth and to help answer, here’s a link to the referred post “ten random calls” on the open blog and here below is how IKN294 dated December 28th 2014, began. Since that time:

1) The Argonaut Gold (AR.to) we bought at $1.47 were sold for $2.53
2) The Rio Alto Mining (RIOM) (RIO.to) news today.


Two serious forecasts
for 2015
As is usual for the time of year, next week on the blog I’m going to
stick up my “Ten Random Calls” post with predictions for the year to come. Some
are more lighthearted than others, none really make it out of the realm of pure
crystal ball gazer, so take them all with a pinch of salt. However, here in the
Weekly things are more serious so I’m going to give you two forecasts for 2015
that are actionable, specific and on which I can be fairly judged. Follow me in
on these and make some money. There is just one caveat on the calls (see
  • Forecast One: Argonaut Gold

    may have started well since being recommended and then moves to Top
    Pick here at the Weekly, but don’t think for a second you’re too late to
    get on. You’re not. Get on. This stock is set to move significantly higher
    in the weeks ahead. I’d like to have a more structured plan on what to do
    with my shares but with the rough seas of December tax loss/January pop
    around us, it’s difficult to be mathematically accurate during a
    momentum-charged period. Right now my rough gameplan is to ride all my
    large position into January, maybe pick a spot and sell a portion for a
    decent gain, add dollars to a somewhat cash starved junior port right now,
    let the rest of the AR shares ride. But that plan is not fixed and could
    change on new circumstances. Whatever happens, it took until the very end of 2014 to find a trade potential that had all ducks in line and got
    me buying in with real confidence, no way do I let go too early because
    there’s money to be made here.
  • Forecast Two: Rio Alto Mining
    (RIO.to) (RIOM)
    will be bought out in 2015 by a larger
    mining company. Probably a paper deal, certainly at a premium to today’s
    share price, a bidding war may even develop come the time as more than one
    larger-scale mining company decides it’s willing to pay up for 200k and
    300k oz per annum of low cash cost gold. Put simply, if Rio Alto exists as
    a separate entity come this time next year I will be surprised.

My only caveat to the above calls is the gold price. If it doesn’t
collapse on us (by which I mean that we
get it to stay at-or-around its current U$1,200/oz level
) I’m very
confident about those predictions and be in no doubt, I have my money firmly
where my mouth is on both. These are not pussyfooting tentative positions. Own

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