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The disgusting Crestview Exploration (CRS.cse) pump: Would the real James Campbell please stand up?

News from the BCSC and ASC this morning, as some utter toerag called James Campbell (in his own words “Geologist and Stock Analyst”, though no reason at all to suppose the excuse of a human being is telling the truth) is pumping a Moose Pasture special, one Crestview Exploration (CRS.cse, on the wild west exchange as well). Okay not the first time ever some chancer has run a P&D on a Canadian exploreco for sure, but this nefarious individual is using Covid-19 scare tactics to do so. Here’s the regulatory missive:

and Calgary

– The British
Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) and the Alberta Securities Commission
(ASC) are warning the public to exercise extreme caution about aggressive
promotion of Crestview Exploration Inc., a B.C. gold mining company.

A mailing sent this week from a “stock
analyst and geologist” to residents of B.C., Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan
makes exaggerated claims about Crestview, predicting that its stock price “will
soar as the recession hits.” The letter comes in an envelope, without a return
address, that says in bold red letters, “CORONAVIRUS AFFECTING MARKETS: READ
“The short-term upside potential for
investors buying shares of Crestview Exploration today is around 500% while
long-term shareholders (12+ months) could see gains exceeding 2,400%,” the
letter says.
Crestview, listed on the Canadian
Securities Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, issued a statement April
8 stating that it was not responsible for the promotion, and said the letter
contained “unfounded forward-looking statements.” The company urged investors
and potential investors to verify any statements, and the source of such
statements, contained in buy recommendations.
The BCSC and ASC reminds investors to
exercise caution when considering aggressive promotions as a basis for
investment decisions, as these promotions may make false claims of large profits
and baseless stock price projections. Most aggressive stock promotions in
recent years have been done through unsolicited email or social media, but
promotions delivered through the mail carry the same risks.

The BCSC and ASC encourages anyone who is
considering buying or selling an investment to do research or talk to their
registered investment advisor to ensure it is an appropriate
decision. For information on how to become better informed about
investment products and services, please visit InvestRight at 


or Checkfirst at


And here is the pumpjob that the utter trash James Campbell sent to his victims, a three page PDF:

By the way, chances of Crestview not knowing this pump was going to happen are precisely zero and if you think otherwise, close your trading account now because you’ll be a lot richer in five years’ time if you do.
As for James Campbell, the nice generic name is suspicious, as is the fact that if you Google his name and “geologist” you see multiple people around the world fit the description. Very likely to be just another layer of BS.

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