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The Doe Run (Run Run) the Doe Run (Run) Peru affair comes to a head

Today’s the day when we find out how the current chapter of the ongoing clustafark known to the world as Doe Run Peru at La Oroya will be decided. The creditors’ meeting happens today and the government of Peru, via its Mining Minister Jorge Merino, as head creditor (36.9% of debt held, 36.9% of voting rights) gets to lay down to law (or roll over in the time-honoured lilly-livered Peru government manner).
Anyway, we’ll see if Peru has grown some cojones by around midday and for the time being, leave you with this.

UPDATE: Oh what pussies! Doe Run will aparently enter into a period of liquidation according to Merino a few minutes ago. Yeah right, keep kicking that can down the road, dumbasses.

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