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The Dundee PDAC report, yours to download

Ron Stewart, Head of Research at Dundee Capital Markets, is one of the few brokerage analysts covering the Canadian junior mining market out there that your humble scribe admires outright and without quarter. This is partly due to the deep knowledge he displays on the subject but also because he’s modest in victory and quick to admit (his very occasional) failures, rare qualities amongst the overstuffed egos in the Canadian brokerages. He also writes like a dream, too. Anyway, your author received this from Mr. Stewart yesterday morning:

Attached is our annual publication on the Junior ExploreCo space.  We are proud of our track record despite the dismal returns in 2011.  We are always looking for new, high quality names to add and happy to see the report widely circulated.
Trust you took your fill of Lachlan Star when I first pointed it out to you… It is my latest add under full coverage – a nice double in 6 months!
Ron Stewart
EVP & Head of Research
Dundee Capital Markets

That bit about Lachlan Star refers to an exchange a few months ago and silly me, I looked at the thing, liked it but didn’t act. Should have known better. Anyway, the point of today’s post is to pass on the link to the Dundee Capital Markets PDAC extravaganza report. Click right here and download your copy of the 110 page PDF, you’ll be glad you did.

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