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The easiest way to make money in junior mining plays

If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least 
to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic 
bird of the family anatidae on our hands.
Douglas Adams
Following on from our well-received and hit-popular post on Friday that explained the easiest way to make money in the oil & gas junior sector, IKN proudly presents its sibling post. So to the content and the easiest way to make money in junior mining plays…
…isn’t to study all the charts out there, looking for advantages in RSIs and bollybands and suchlike on hundreds upon hundreds of potential plays.
It isn’t doing deep DD fundamental analysis about the companies and knowing more than the next guy about what dozens of companies are doing and where they’re going at any given moment.
It isn’t about being expert on rocks, geology, metallurgy, grades, strip rates, mining operations and all those type of things.
Nope, there’s a much easier way of making money in junior mining companies. All you have to do is know when Pierre Lassonde is appearing next on King World News

Y’see, by some weird coincidence, every time “Lucky Pierre” is invited on the King World News talkshow he mentions Olivut Resources (OLV.v), a junior exploration company that has a very significant percentage of its shares held by….wait for it…..roll on the drums….yes you’ve guessed already haven’t you…Pierre Lassonde! 

And not only that, but the cooing and warmfuzzy sounds that come out of Eric King’s mouth when Lucky Pierre mentions how wonderful OLV.v is may even have something to so with the fact that Eric is an OLV.v shareholder too. Strange that, innit?
Just because people are rich, it doesn’t mean they’re above running their own scummy sideshows. So watch the listings for KWN and get ready to make yourself some moolah on the back of these hucksters

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