More matter with less art

The easiest way to make money in junior oil and gas plays…

…isn’t to study all the charts out there, looking for advantages in RSIs and bollybands and suchlike on hundreds upon hundreds of potential plays.
It isn’t doing deep DD fundamental analysis about the companies and knowing more than the next guy about what dozens of companies are doing and where they’re going at any given moment.
It isn’t about being expert on the world markets for oil, for natgas for all those type of things.
Nope, there’s a much easier way of making money in junior O&G. All you have to do is know when Marin Katusa is appearing next on BNN Television.

More on East West Petroleum (EW.v) and its self-fulfilling pump’n’dump that benefits scamster Marin and his pally pals far more than anyone else right here.

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