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The Economist, as usual idiots on Argentina

The Economist writes on Argentina, and piece this time starts, IN JANUARY Argentina looked like it was in real trouble.” It then goes on to explain that things really aren’t that bad (though they do hold back some “Whooo!!! Ghosts!!! They’ll come to bite you later!!! Whoooo!! moronity).
What its article this time really means is that The Economist thought Argentina was in trouble, rather than those of us who have an inkling about things like reality, with the precise phrase used by The Economist being “at breaking point” which was plain flat wrong However, back in January those that have even less clue about South America copied TE’s line and created one helluva echo chamber.

Bottom line: Reality rears its meek head, Argentina isn’t or wasn’t ever “at breaking point”, The Economist couldn’t possibly say anything remotely honest, such as “we were wrong”, oh no. We instead we get this next draft of stupidity, the “Well, it looked bad didn’t it?” twattery. Too full of themselves to admit a mistake, oh yes.

So fuck off Economist. Zeroes.

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