thus with a kiss I die

The end of the line for IKN

Ladies and gentlemen, an announcement: It’s been an interesting way to watch eight years go past and balancing it all out, it’s been a lot of fun too, but today sees the last ever post at IKN. 
I’ll admit that wrapping up the blog has been on my mind for a while, but the catalyst came last week when I was offered a new job. Part of the package of this new job, which I have now accepted, means my continued writing will be at the new gig. To that end, I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off before joining Tommy Humphreys at CEO.CA as his new Latin American correspondent. 
Finally, a warm thank you goes out to all you IKN readers who’ve come over and come back so often, you’re greatly appreciated. Hopefully I’ll see you all soon at the new site.
I’ve often wondered how the last post would turn out. Thanks and goodbye from IKN, Otto

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