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The European Union has left the building

Goddam lefties like….errr….Italy and tinpot politically unstable countries like…..errrr….. The United Kingdom have decided that it’s probably not a good thing to negotiate with fascist dictators that suspend constitutional rights, force curfews, suppress media and other such trifles.

Sweden’s foreign minister said all EU ambassadors have been recalled from Honduras after Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was ousted in a coup.

Carl Bildt, whose country holds the EU presidency, wrote on his blog yesterday that “all EU ambassadors have now left the country.”

Bildt wrote there is still uncertainty about events in Honduras after the coup and the EU is debating how best to push for “a quick return to full constitutional rule.”

The UN, the Organization of American States (OAS), the US and others have condemned the military coup that ousted Zelaya on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the surprisingly good coverage of Honduras at The Miami Herald continues.

‘You will help me change the opinion of the world,” Micheletti told a gaggle of foreign reporters hailing from Nicaragua to Italy who were at the country’s presidential palace for a news conference Wednesday evening.

But if Micheletti was looking for an easy ally in the foreign press corps Wednesday, what he had instead was a hard time trying to explain his foreign relations gaffes. A man who just a week ago was the head of congress now finds himself in the hot seat, as the international press and leaders from throughout the world press him for explanations.

Micheletti said he looked forward to welcoming a team of four or five countries, including Canada, Mexico and Guatemala, that he heard plan to visit Honduras in the coming days.

”But, you just said a couple of minutes ago that trip hasn’t been confirmed; it’s just a rumor on an Internet page,” a Salvadoran reporter shot back.

After a brief pause, Micheletti responded: “That’s fine, then I have the hope and faith in God that they will come. Israel and Taiwan have said they support us, and I have faith that other governments will follow.”

The reporters pressed: Had Taiwan and Israel formally expressed their support?

”I don’t have an official declaration, but that is the rumor I’ve heard,” Micheletti responded. “It’s an aspiration I have that all of the countries will be a friend of ours.”

Usurper Micheletti warns Insulza, Correa and Klishtina that if they accompany Zelaya to the sho on Saturday they’ll be responsible for any bloodshed, not him. I mean, what a prize dickhead. No wonder Alvaro Vargas Llosa likes this guy.

And you know its serious when Zelaya’s credit card gets blocked by congress. It’s like…oh shit…they weren’t kidding after all….

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