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The Evo/Costas meeting: How was it for you, Ruben?

“Sorry about the ‘monkey’ cracks, dude.”
“No worries dude.”
The meeting we outlined earlier this morning between Evo Morales and Ruben Costas has just finished. It lasted around 75 minutes and, sadly for the Evohaters out there, it went well according to the main guest at least. Here’s a translation of a quote from Costas found in this report:

“The meeting happened in a very good atmosphere, with a very good predisposition shown by the President. The main objective was the search to construct a clear and sincere dialogue, the possibility that we as public servants, head of the country and head of Santa Cruz, work for what we want for Bolivians and for citizens of Santa Cruz, work for the wellbeing of our people and in a coordinated way.”

Those with memory will notice that Costas now openly recognizes Morales as President of all Bolivia, a quantum leap in itself from a man who refused to recognize his mandate for many years. The other words from his lips were also highly conciliatory. Hey, we still don’t like the dude much and there’s every reason to want actions and not words before he’s worthy of any sort of trust, but today was a good day for Bolivia. Peace beats war every single time.

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