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The five most popular Friday OT posts of 2014

Other websites can and often do review what they believe to be their best pieces of script at the end of the year, but as the vast majority of written words on this humble corner of cyberspace are total trash, guff and nonsense that’s not a viable option at IKN. Instead, your humble scribe spent exactly 4 minutes trawling the stats tonight to find out which of the Friday OT music posts from 2014 had received the most direct hits from you people out there. 
The answers give this top five (and indeed you are cordially invited to click on the names in order to experience the music delights contained therein once again):

1) U2, Ultraviolet (light my way)
2) The Chemical Brothers; Hey Boy Hey Girl
3) Devo; Whip It
4) Soyoung Yoon; Sibelius Violin Concerto in D Minor (Op. 47)
5) Beethoven; Symphony Number Six, opus 68 (Pastoral)

For some reason, and even though I love the track, it’s somewhat depressing to see U2 head the ranking; it won by quite a distance, too. Though I was happy to see the Sibelius post make the top five as that really kicks ass. The second spot has to be for the video as much as the song, it’s the best video ever. Devo making it that high surprised me. For what it’s worth, after putting this post together I clicked on the Beethoven Pastoral, then those first few bars strike up and….ahhhhhh…45 minutes of bliss.

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