Take physic, pomp

The flight to silver quality!

Much as I hate them, I just couldn’t resist throwing an exclamation in that title. This is why The Syria Excuse is bullshit:

Gold getting safe-haven love, yup I’d buy that if it were only gold. But silver, the metal of choice for financial blowhards and puerile political rantings, doing better than the real thing? Yeah right (unless of course Eric Sprott, King World News, Jim Sinclair and every other charlatan on the list of hoodwinkers is right about silver for the first time in two years, stopped clocks and all that jazz). 

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not moaning or complaining against the pop in PMs here. It’s the dumbass reasoning behind the pop, the trend-chasers and their wise saws and modern instances who try their very very hardest to sound smart but only succeed in doing their Monday Morning QB for the umpteenth time; they’re what this post is all about.

UPDATE: Oh wow, I’ve just seen that Biiwii was all over this issue earlier today, and he gives it the full rant too. Great minds think alike or fools seldom differ, you be the judge.

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