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The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Peru and The USA: Take a guess as to who’s getting the better of the deal

Inspired by this column in El Comercio today, authored by Peru’s greatest economist Jurgen Schuldt, your humble scribe decided to check up on how trade has been doing between Peru and The United States of America recently. 
By way of some necessary background, the early 2000s saw protracted negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Peru and The USA. An agreement was eventually reached in 2006, which then went through a slight amendment process and then a ratification process in 2007. The final agreement was signed in December 2007 and the FTA came into force on February 1st 2009.
Now that we have the context straight, let’s have a look to see how Peru’s monthly trade balance with The USA has been since 2005, with all data from the specific US Census Bureau page right here:
Well riddle me ree, looks like The USA is doing better out of this deal than Peru. Hoodathunkit, eh?
Or maybe the timing is just sheer coincidence and I’m just too suspicious about these things.

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