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The Friday OT: Alice Sara Ott plays Ravel’s Pavane pour une infante défunte

Your author is a massive fanboy:

As for Maurice Ravel’s composition, this showed up after five minutes inside the Googlemachine, here’s an excerpt:

“…far from being about death, Ravel stated that ‘When I put together the words that make up this title, my only thought was the pleasure of alliteration’. While it’s literally true that the French should be translated as ‘Pavane for a dead Princess’, Ravel was at pains to point out that it ‘Is not a funeral lament for a dead child, but rather an evocation of the pavane that might have been danced by such a little princess as painted by Velázquez’.

Which is nice. Relax into the weekend in the hands of the magical Ms. Ott, the YouTube is here.

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