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The Friday OT: Bach; Brandenburg Concerto No. 3: Allegro/Adagio

  • You can’t handle long pieces of classical?
  • You like tuning into something you know already?
  • You want to be reminded old music has its total kick-ass moments too?

Bach has your back. Seriously, it matters not whether you’re into the oldschool scrape’n’blow type stuff, if you can’t hear the utter kickassery of this piece there’s something wrong with your ears.

And these dudes (for the record, Karl Richter and the Münchener Bach Orchester) obviously get a buzz from playing it. The guilty secret of the classical musician, the “Oh I love this! But they don’t let me play often it cos it’s too popular” thing. After all, the famous pieces are nearly always famous because they’re so damned good.

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