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The Friday OT: Claude Debussy; Nocturnes

This week I got on a plane in a bad mood and got off it in a good mood, partly because the nice gent in the uniform served me three rums over ice but mostly because this is downloaded on my Spotify. Nuages relaxes, Fetes gets that pent up energy out your system, Sirenes rocks you to sleep (and when you have the thing on repeat, you’re still listening to it when you wake up).
Debussy improved my week, now it’s your turn. Youtube here where the publisher has left a nice note:
According to Debussy’s introductory note to the Nocturnes: “The title
“Nocturnes” is to be interpreted here in a general and, more
particularly, in a decorative sense. Therefore, it is not meant to
designate the usual form of the Nocturne, but rather all the various
impressions and the special effects of light that the word suggests.
‘Nuages’ renders the immutable aspect of the sky and the slow, solemn
motion of the clouds, fading away in grey tones lightly tinged with
white. ‘Fêtes’ gives us the vibrating, dancing rhythm of the atmosphere
with sudden flashes of light. There is also the episode of the
procession (a dazzling fantastic vision), which passes through the
festive scene and becomes merged in it. But the background remains
resistantly the same: the festival with its blending of music and
luminous dust participating in the cosmic rhythm. ‘Sirènes’ depicts the
sea and its countless rhythms and presently, amongst the waves silvered
by the moonlight, is heard the mysterious song of the Sirens as they
laugh and pass on.”

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