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The Friday OT: Eddie Cochran; C’mon Everybody

  • Justin Bieber is NOT cool. not even close.
  • Lady Gaga is NOT cool, gimme a break.
  • The Pop Idol du jour, Adele, 50 Cent, Led Zep, David Bowie, Radiohead… ALL NOT COOL
For true cool real cool, epitome of cool, take a look below. Eddie Cochran was cool. Cooler than anything or anybody ever. Cooler than a freeze-dried tomato in a refrigerator left abandoned at the South Pole all winter. He was cooler than cool even before your parents knew what cool was, let alone you. He was also a great musician who could play guitar, piano, sing well and write his own material. And then he died in a car crash (apparently he threw himself over his girlfriend at the time to protect her when it happened, so he was a gent to the last as well).

But most of all, his music still rocks over 50 years later. That’s what really counts, so play this video and get some cool over you too.

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