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The Friday OT: Genesis; Supper’s Ready

It was a few weeks ago, I was reading some-or-other music review and the author made a passing reference to Genesis and “the stunning Supper’s Ready”. On reading I was, “Oh wow, I had that album (Foxtrot) and used to love that track, haven’t heard it in years. I wonder how time has treated it?” etc etc. So thanks to the wonder that is Spotify (seriously, kvetch if you like, I love it) I was listening to it within about a minute.

So yeah, it’s prog rock, some lyrics are suitably weird (Peter Gabriel reads The Book of Revelations on LSD) and some segments that stand up better than others, but hot damn it’s still great stuff and these guys really knew how to play. Above all, aside from the archetype early 70s fade-out at the very end the last two segments, Apocalypse in 9:8 and As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Men’s Feet), are just wonderful. Give Phil Collins credit, top drumwork.
If you’ve never heard ‘Supper’s Ready’ before, this is a million miles from the Post-Gabriel era of Genesis and its formula tosh, so give it a go. If you know it, hope you enjoy the re-visit as much as I did.

Youtube here. Alternatively, check out the live performance vid here. There’s also a decent wikipedia page on the song, here.

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