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The Friday OT: Jon Hopkins; Open eye signal

It’s turned into a complete obsession.

I’ve never heard anything quite like Jon Hopkins’s music since stumbling on it a couple of weeks ago. This one gets chosen (just, over Collider) as a Friday OT because of the way it finishes. It comes with an okay video, but it’s the sound here, the layers and the ensemble. Sensational music. Amazing.

I know many of you are not into electronic-type music but trust me on one and give this one a go, start at the beginning and listen to the whole piece. You may find you like something you never thought you’d ever like. Then when you’re done check out the whole album as Hopkins is way way better than just one track. It’s what Stravinsky would be doing today, or Mahler.

PS: I inadventently got the name of the track wrong to begin with, calling it “third eye signal”. There might be a reason for that mistake…

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