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The Friday OT: Paco de Lucia; Buleria alla Paco!

One of the standard Spanish guitar templates is the “buleria”, a fast tempo rhythm that’s preferred by many (your author included) because it gives the guitarist opportunity to riff and improvise, showing off their talent. And no talent was greater than Paco de Lucia’s.
Something very special happens in this video; As usual I urge you to watch it all, the build-up is not only necessary for the full experience but marvellous in itself and the music is beautiful start to finish but in the last couple of minutes something clicks between Paco de Lucia and his cajón (the percussion instrument) player. Suddenly they lift off together, there’s a fusion and the music goes interstellar. Watch how Paco can’t take his eyes off him and then, with the crowd going nuts, there’s a “wow, even for me that was good” moment that flashes across Paco’s face.

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