untune that string and hark

The Friday OT: Peter Illias & The Cynic Project: Horizon

A very sick piece of electronica:

The YouTube is here and if you decide to play this on that crappy laptop or phone loudspeaker you are missing the point, don’t even hit the button. The whole point is to blast tracks like this at extremely high volume deep into your skull using high quality earphones that catch upper and lower ranges. With transcendental, mind-altering euphoric highs that last for hours this easy to achieve, there is no longer any need to waste money or risk one’s health on illegal and expensive drugs. And if you go deaf, you go deaf. Big deal.


    It’s all gone pete tong


    A song who blew my mind in the past is called Sunflower by Hyperion.

    This is goa trance to the highest level.


    Listen to the build up up to 4’45 and boom!! Happy orgasm.


    It’s a pity that the Youtube audio bitrate is only 126 kbps, which is about good enough for speech. Vimeo is better, I think up to 320 kbps.


    Now I know where the restaurant at the Four Seasons got their bathroom Muzak


      Most of it is too thumpity-thump to be Musak. But then I usually don’t bother to comment on music I don’t care for.


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