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The Friday OT: Primal Scream; Rocks

Things to like:
1) The name of the band. They might not have reached the heights but at least the moment of baptism back in the mid-80s went well.
2) The video is a mint example of the band-plays-the-tune-for-the-cameras genre, with the lead singer doing  charisma Jagger-strut, players hamming it up, director’s tight edit, good clean fun being had by all. It’s really fun to watch.
3) The music. Hey, it’s just a cool rock song, it’s aged very well (a 1994 vintage), still sounds fresh, gotta love the backing vocals work and it’s all-round the best thing Primal Scream did. Again the Stones’ influence is clear enough, but Sly & The Family is in the house, Dylan in the words (and delivery) and I’m sure you could tip your hat to other great tracks too (Elvis Costello’s Pump It Up comes to mind chez Otto). 
Play full volume and enjoy a quality slice of 90s. Dedicated to McC.

UPDATE: via comments, t’anta wawa (aka karaspita) speaks:

 4) The way they brought a much-needed slice of glammy, gender-ambiguous bohemia to early ’90s Scotland, camouflaged in a Trojan horse of excellent tunes

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