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The Friday OT: Robin Schulz featuring Francesco Yates; Sugar

Yeah I know it’s a massive hit and we don’t normally go for those in the Friday OT segment, but nothing is prohibited either. Not only is it great pop with a fun video, but Robin Schulz really knows his music and you can tick off the influences as well as admire his technical ability. It’s not catchy as hell for nothing, just listen to the frequency of chord changes that drive the song.
Top song and we oldies should not deny that fact.

UPDATE: Reader AH puts me straight:

Not sure if you know this, but Robin Schulz is not the author of your today’s OT track.
It’s a 13 year old hip-hop song by Baby Bash, right here

He’s a talented dj and mixer, but nothing more. Like his top “Prayer in C” this one is just a mix.

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