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The Friday OT: Soundgarden; Burden in my hand

The earworm I’ve had about Soundgarden in 2019 has been serious, deep and great fun. I’ve gone for this track today because after listening to it carefully these last few weeks have come to the conclusion that it’s such a rock cliché track that it shouldn’t work. Lyrics about distraught relationships, alcohol and depression, the chord changes straight out the book, searing vocals, produced to within an inch of its life. But the problem is, it does work and amazingly well, too. Rock icon music and impossible not to adore, Cornell’s voice makes it of course but the guitar drives it (like any good rock track). So anyway…Soundgarden…Burden….enjoy it too.

Even the video is a cliché that works. Youtube here. I’m in the sunshine. The sun is mine.

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