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The Friday OT: Stevie Wonder on Soul Train (including Superstition)

Dedicated to pal TW, owner of exceptional music taste and the headsup giver for this youtube.

You have Stevie Wonder and Don Cornelius (R.I.P.) and nearly 13 minutes’ worth of a Soul Train episode from 1971. You get interview, then at 3:25 Stevie plays Superstition, then more Q&A, then at 9 minutes Stevie plays a jam with the audience. And a whole boatload of great dancing going on too, but most of all you have Stevie banging down of one his great tracks from the height of his musical, singing and songwriting powers. Don’t miss that jam starting at 9 mins either, cos it starts gently but the buzz grows and grows.
Unmissable Friday OT this week, ladies and gentlemen, spine-tingling stuff. Thanks TW dude.

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