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The Friday OT: The Alhambra Orchestra plays the Overture to Rossini’s The Barber of Seville

You can listen to this using two standard and well-tested methods:

  • Thinking about Bugs Bunny.
  • Not thinking about Bugs Bunny.

It’s brilliant either way but before you make the call, crank the volume up first because there’s nothing, I MEAN NOTHING your over-hyped rock band brings to the table not covered by Rossini’s electricity and power over music. The simple act of listening doubles the heart rate:

YouTube here. This track kicks butt, period.


    I’m sorry , this is th eultimate bugs bunny classical music mixup



    So does The IKN Weekly! Kicking butts, changing lives, 648 issues and counting.

    To Mark, with thanks – https://youtu.be/Z6uSR1VrYl0

    Hey Mark, how about that piece on Maradona and Pele? Sometime?


    Perfezione. It melts the heart even of this Wagnerian. That overture always makes the heart race knowing there is nearly three hours of perfection ahead.


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