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The Friday OT: U2; All I want is you

Back in the days when U2 was an exciting band, not just a mega-massive band or an apparently important band (I’m told by musical media sources these days and therefore it must be true) or a vaguely annoying force for social change in some happier shinier world band, Bono Edge Adam and Larry released Rattle and Hum, both album and decent enough follow-the-band movie. It’s not their best album (that’s Achtung Baby) but there’s enough in there to warrant your (re)visit.
The album finished with this and it’s one of my fave U2 tracks possibly because of that alone, just the way it signed the album off so well. If you can think of a better final track on any album you’ve beaten me, plus the last three minutes is some of the best music that U2 ever laid down in the studio. Well I think so at least.

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