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The Friday OT: Victor Jara; El derecho de vivir en paz (the right to live in peace)

It has to be Jara this weekend.

Victor Jara will be re-buried tomorrow afternoon in Chile. He’s so famous in his home country that the Chilean national stadium is named after him but if you’ve never heard of the guy here a good report on him. It starts like this, click through for the rest.

Thirty-six years after his brutal death immediately following Chile’s Sept. 11, 1973 military coup, renowned folk singer Victor Jara will be remembered with a wake.

A recent autopsy confirmed Jara’s body was riddled by 44 gunshot wounds, including two bullets to his head. Jara’s corpse was disinterred recently and the autopsy carried out in order to verify an eyewitness account of his death. The witness, a former conscript, said Jara was originally victim of a fiendish game of Russian roulette imposed on him by an officer at the stadium where he was held. After shooting Jara in the head, the officer ordered two conscripts, including the witness, to shoot Jara repeatedly, said the witness.


Ni olvido, ni perdon.

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