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The fun never stops at Pretium Resources (PVG)

The NR out of Pretium (PVG) an hour or so ago makes for interesting reading. Allow your eyes to float gently past the first lines of soothing and appeasing prose in order to get to the real information, right here:
As the mine continues
to sequence through a lower grade area of the Valley of the Kings, all
stopes above cut-off grade of approximately 5.0 grams per tonne gold are
being mined as they become available for production.  Accordingly, gold
grade is expected to average approximately 10.4 grams per tonne over
the course of 2019; both grade and tonnes are expected to be higher in
the second half of the year.”
That is IR-speak for “Oh my stars Q1 is going to suck donkey’s balls, so get used to the idea right now”. Sorry guys, getting in front of bad news doesn’t stop making it bad news, life is not like that. However, this humble corner of cyberspace does find it interesting that PVG is doing so, scared that the leak will show up again. Oh wait! There is no leak, right?

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