Every why hath a wherefore

The fundamental interconnectedness of all things

“I believe that all things are fundamentally interconnected, as anyone who 
follows the principles of quantum mechanics to their logical extremes 
cannot, if they are honest, help but accept. But I also believe that 
some things are a great deal more interconnected than others.”
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Douglas Adams, 1987

So the Russian Rouble Rallies* and the Dow futures pop and all is right with the world. Which begs the question for those of you who’ve been gloating at the Russia market collapse…
Do you seriously want Russia to have internal problems? Seriously?
…because if you do you know fuck all about history. It stands to reason that the world need a stable (or relatively so) Russia for its own greater and wider general stability. So suddenly Putin’s currency stops freefalling and finds a bid, from somewhere, despite oil’s continued weakness. Just because. 
This cheap oil thing we’re going through isn’t going to last long. Take that to the bank.
*Rabinovich: “Todo con Rrruh”

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