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The gold price and PM miner divergence

Then one fine day, the market decided the PM miners had been discounted enough and a drop of a few dollars in the price of gold bullion wasn’t so important:

At U$1,900/oz gold, maybe even the companies in our abysmally-run sector become too cheap to ignore. Maybe.


    Well said, I think after the qtr things will get more interesting on a positive note.


    Cost increases could be a party pooper going forward.

    A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods The Deep Dark Woods of British Columbia 30/03/22 12:38 pm

    Diesel fuel is one of the largest single inputs costs in mining … seen the price of diesel lately?


    […] on Tuesday in the post The gold price and PM miner divergence, the subject has been on my mind all week so here’s another chart, showing a slightly longer […]


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