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The gold vs Apple (AAPL) vs Bitcoin survey question: An update

Back on November 17th the IKN financial staff*, creative team** and management*** got together with the owners**** of IKN and ran a little survey to ask which of these three options would be worth more at the end of 2015:
  • 10 shares of Apple (AAPL)
  • 3 Bitcoins
  • One ounce of gold
 Then on November 23rd we closed the survey (300+ answers was enough of a sample), 47% said gold, 39% of you said the AAPL shares, the rest of you were stupid like me and went for the three Bitcoins. We’re now four months in, let’s see how things are getting on:
Apple is up 8.3% in the period. It owns the phone biz, your wrists and now the big IKN survey, so far at least.. Bitcoin has sucked worse than today but still sucks and is down a massive 26.8%. And despite all the wailing and death cries recently, it’s notable that gold’s only down $25/oz or so, or 2.2% in percentage terms.  
But there’s still eight and a bit months to run on this, don’t give up on those cryptocoins yet. The future is electronic, they tell me.

* me
** me
**** me

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