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The great thing about working for Casey Research….

…is that you’re never ever wrong. Take for example the latest call on the self-fulfilling Casey prophecy, Bayfield Ventures (BYV.v), the pumpjob we’ve noted previously as the object of Marin Katusa’s finder’s fee commission wet dreams and rip-offs.
At the moment, Casey Louis ‘Lobito’ James’ recommendation on the stock (this humble scribe is reliably informed) is that you should buy a “first tranche” (whatever that means, as they’ve already exhorted you to buy tranches at much higher prices) at 80c and a “second tranche” at 65c if it drops that low. So by noting the current price of 78c…

 ….. we are forced to conclude that:

1) If you buy today and the stock moves back to 80c, Lobito is right.
2) If you buy today and the stock stays below 80c, it’s still a great buying opp for BYV and Lobito is right.
3) If you buy today and the stock drops, you get to buy again at 65c and Lobito is right

All the above is also true for those Casey subscribers who read Lobito’s pearls of wisdom earlier in the week and snapped up those bargain shares at 82c and 85c. You see, Casey subbers, the fact that your investment has lost money is a mere illusion because we’ve already proven that your investment advisor is never wrong.
And what happens if BYV drops to under 65c, we hear you ask? Well we’re not sure yet but chances are that Lobito will be able to slap an extra layer of superduper buying double tranche with chocolate sauce reco on your tushes….and he’ll be right, of course.

UPDATE: Interesting comment left below by Casey Subber #19392118″ (which presumably means something to them, as they’re bound to have an index system):

I admit that I’m a fairly long-time Casey subber and the quality of their picks and confidence in their picks have fallen substantially over the past couple years. They stopped recommending any stocks for about a year because their “Spidey senses” felt a big correction was on its way and now that the market has gone up a ton they do this three tranche buying model. Hmm, guys, let’s see. So, it is a good buy now for 1/3rd of my money but just in case the stock goes down you’re telling me to buy more at that price. Oh, then if there is a “market meltdown” I should buy more at that point. What if I buy 1/3rd now and the price goes up? Oh wait, I know what happens. You post a double recommendation that says Take Profits/Buy First tranche for new subscribers. Again, what a ridiculous recommendation. Sounds like the foundation of a pyramid scheme.

I know Casey Research follows this blog so why don’t you focus a bit more on finding good stocks with good fundamentals and a little less on your marketing. The only reason I still subscribe is I am locked in at your old rates and the subscription costs me next to nothing. I would never consider the new price of $1000 per year. Hah! What a joke.

So, Doug, David, Louis, Marin et al — grow a set, get off the fernce and make a solid call like you used to.

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