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The Honduras Coup D’Etat: Unconfirmed Reports

UPDATE: Check this post at Plan Colombia and Beyond for political fallout and good links.

1. The state TV channel was raided and taken off the air by troops at the same time as Zelaya was arrested.

2. The military wasn’t taking any chances with the presidential arrest, apparently. No less than 200 troops turned up at the doors of the Presidential palace to take Zelaya away.

3. Unconfirmed reports state that Zelaya is now en route for (or even arrived in) Costa Rica. (Update; now confirmed…Zelaya said on arrival in Costa Rica that he was kidnapped and guns were pointed at his head and chest as he was led away).

4. The wife of the President has said (and this one is confirmed as it went out on the Telesur TV channel), “They have delivered a coup and have ignored Honduran democracy…..We will stay here fighting and sending a message of peace but also of strength…..they have divided my family in the same way as they want to divide our country.”

5. Reports now place a growing crowd of Zelaya supporters gathering at the gates of the Presidential palace.


I’ve noticed a sudden surge in people arriving at the blog from IP addresses inside Honduras. I’d be happy to receive and re-print any comments or observations you might have from inside the country without any sort of editing. If you prefer to write in Spanish I can translate.

Me di cuenta que hay bastante gente ahora llegando al blog desde Honduras mismo. Si vds quieren mandar observaciones desde tu punto de vista les publicaré en el blog. Tambien puedo traducir si prefieren escribir en castellano.

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