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The IKN blog is now 15 years old

To be exact, 15 years and ten days. It wasn’t on my mind but it suddenly occurred this morning to check and, yes indeed, the first post was on March 11th 2008. Here we are, over 15 years and over 15,000 posts later.

So happy belated birthday to me. Or it. Or something.


    It’s an amazing run, man. 20k+ words with detailed analysis, week after week, year after year. Sunrise, sunset. Quite impressive, sir.


    Quite impressive indeed. Congratulations!


    20K words per week…. and at least 50% of them spelled correctly! 😛

    I’m kidding.

    And here’s to another 15 years

    Bull WHITEHORSE 22/03/23 9:24 am

    The mining racket owes you a debt of gratitude for 15 years of exposing its bad actors. Keep up the good work, brave Otto!


    CONGRATS, love the blog since 2008. 15 years is a long time indeed.


    You’re effectively writing a new book every 5 weeks. Ignoring your previous work, you’ve written 156 books. Not too shabby, I suppose.


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