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The IKN news roundup (ignoring the story you wanted featured since 2008)

Colombia: A fascinating report from the normally drudgy Christian Science Monitor about (as long as you take it at face value) a Colombian youth who was press-ganged into joining the FARC and escaped to grass up the movement. Proof that the FARC is by no means a spent force right here for your reading pleasure.

Peru: What? Human rights issues between big business and Peruvian indigenous? Hoodathunkit? The good news is that the shits of Monterrico Metals now have a court case and injunctions to answer to in The UK.

Argentina: Gotta laugh at ATFA as they hold out their bonds until the 2040s; The World Bank has just subbed Argentina another U$3.3Bn.

Mo’ Peru: OH NOES!!! Peru expected to register the first contraction in growth since 2001 on Monday 15th. The flunkey here has the number at -0.5%…remember back to my Chile comparison chart and the pointer is for -0.7%. Last time growth was crappy FinMin and liar Carranza said it was a “pothole” in the road….damn dude, better get that tarmac machine working overtime.

Venezuela: Now that crude is back over $70/bbl, PDVSA has decided to pay what it owes to contractors. Very wise, too, as the service dudes are getting pissed and downing tools. Honcho Ramirez sez they’ve paid back U$2Bn of the $7.6Bn debt since year end.

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