thus with a kiss I die

The IKN official position on The World Cup

I’ve had a lot of questions on this, so let’s make a policy decision.

We’re not going to make much direct reference to the World Cup Finals and the games but any Cup-related story might get told here. That’ll be our site policy, however we do think a warning is in order for those in northern countries that do business with LatAm: If you find meetings suddenly cancelled or rearranged, telephones left unanswered, mails left un-replied and a general lack of will from your LatAm business partner or contact to be out there thrusting and making money from today until July 11th, please be patient and understanding. The effect of the World Cup on the whole continent (not just the countries competing, be clear) is something akin to high fever mixed with deep hypnotism.

This author gets struck down as badly as anyone else, by the way.

(y vamos charruas hoy)

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