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The IKN PDAC Primer, 2009

Yes indeed it’s Peedac time again. Next week the whole of the Canadian mining community (and most of the rest of the world, too) gather in one very cold spot to get drunk, do deals and slap each other on the back. So to help those planning on visiting the show to survive PDAC, here’s a list of 25 LatAm exposed (well mostly) miners among the exhibitors you can visit. I’ve chosen these because they top out my personal list of “gotta visits” this year. Now PDAC is a big place and there’s always a ton of stuff to cover, so it’s always best to get straight to the point.Therefore as well as finding the name of the company and its PDAC 2009 stand number, you’ll also see what Otto suggests is an apt question to throw at the company people on at the show.

And for extra convenience, here’s a PDF copy of the list. Just download, print out and take it along. Here we go with Otto’s 25 to visit!

Company Name Ticker Stand Thing to Say
Amerigo Resources ARG.to 2123 “What are the guys at EuroPac like, anyway?”
Candente Resource DNT.to 2148 “OK, that Caña-whatsit thing is dead..what about drilling those Au projects, Freeze?”
Colossus Minerals CSI.to 2850 “So what do you know about a guy called Josimar Barbosa, folks?”
Comaplex Minerals CMF.to 2805 “When is AEM going to step up? Now or later?”
Crystallex KRY 2523 No question, simply point and go, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”
Dia Bras Exploration DIB.v 3009 “Tell me you have financing waiting to build the new plant. Just tell me it’s true.”
Dynasty Metals DMM.to 2146 No question, just high-five tham all and smile a lot.
Exeter Resource XRC.v 2942 “That Caspiche thing. Low grade suphide that needs 500m dug first.. joking, right?”
Fortuna Silver Mines FVI.v 3033 “So c’mon, tell me again about the grades you’re hitting at Soledad, Silvia and Bateas.”
Geologix Explorations GIX.to 2223A “OK, bummer about Mexico. How’s that NEM JV coming on in Peru?”
Hochschild Mining HOC.L 2117 “Rob McEwen whupped your asses, didn’t he?”
Jaguar Mining JAG 3129 “Spoken to Peter Marrone yet?”
Latin American Min LAT.v 2518 “Diamonds in Paraguay. Joking, right? Lithium in Argentina. Joking, right?
Mansfield Minerals MDR.v 3101 “This gold heap leach project in Argentina. Are we really talking two million oz Au?”
Minera Andes MAI.to 2337 No question, just grab McEwen if you see him there and highfive.
Nautilus Minerals NUS.to 2846 “Don’t worry guys, we’re all underwater nowadays.”
NovaGold Resources NG 2243 “So tell me again about those “forced options sales” from October 23rd, Mr Johnson.”
Petaquilla Minerals PTQ.to 2602B “Why are you refusing to pay the U$1m fine to the Panamanian Enviro agency?”
Radius Gold RDU.v 2433 No question, just check out Ridgway’s accent and see if you can understand him.
Rusoro Mining RML.v 3136 “Don’t worry Mr. Salamis, you’ll get offered the operating contract anyway.”
Salazar Resources SRL.v 2945 “You still fighting with the locals round that patch of Ecuador, Freddy?”
Strathmore Minerals STM.v 2643 “What’s that about a garage full of U308 ore hidden in a lock-up in Juliaca?”
Tamerlane Ventures TAM.v 2126 “Have you been back to Peru since that police detention order was issued, Peg?”
Troy Resources TRY.to 3340 “When you going operational, mate? C’mon, gimme a date, strewth.”
Vena Resources VEM.to 3023 “So tell me about a place called Esquilache, Juan.”

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