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The IKN photo competition

During last week’s roadtrip, your humble scribe saw and snapped this view.

(click to enlarge)

Everlasting fame and kudos awaits the first person who names the place in the shot. G’luck!

UPDATE: Reader ‘ADB’ wins that everlasting fame and kudos by correctly naming not only the mine but the hill stuck on the horizon, too: ADB writes:

Hi Otto,

The picture in your blog is of Cerro Chullpahuanca at Barrick Gold’s Lagunas Norte mine.
Indeed it’s true. Lagunas Norte, also known as ‘Alto Chicama’, is Barrick’s (ABX) major gold operation in Peru and the country’s second largest gold mine (behind Yanacocha). For those with their wonk on this afternoon, here are the monthly production figures for the mine:
If the average is around 2.5m grams of gold per month, that’s about 80,000 ounces in old money and all at a normally very profitable cash cost, too. Not shabby.

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