Take physic, pomp

The IKN post regarding Primero’s (PPP) (P.to) decision to take Mexico to court under NAFTA rules contains swear words

You have been duly warned.
You fucking stupid self-entitled bunch of gringo assholes, what the FUCK are you thinking? You do not take a sovereign nation to court just a few short months into any dispute, let alone the country where you have your main operating mine! You negotiate and negotiate and negotiate again, this type of action is the final recourse and there is no way in the fucking world you can tell us that you’ve reached the end of the road after such a short time.
Not only that, but this is exactly the same Primero that had two worker deaths last year, a record so poor it forced the company to overhaul its own pisspoor work practices. Oh what fun you gonna have when Mexico starts a careful check of your track record and asks your employees about the lax health & safety rules you used to cut costs that put the lives of their citizens in danger.
You stupid arrogant fucks have opened a massive can of worms. You do NOT piss off countries like this. The Donald Trump school of international relations may get you all testosteroned up and hi-fiving in the boardroom but when you find out what your HOST COUNTRY (for cryin’out loud!) can and will do to you I’m 100% certain you’ll be feeling a very different set of emotions.
Sack the person who advised you to do this immediately, dumbfuck gringos. Proxy slate, anyone?
There, told you there were some swear words. The offending PPP NR is linked here

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