Take physic, pomp

The IKN Weekly is out on Sunday….

….and will have a fundamental report on one of the two new buy recommendations from last week’s issue. As for those two newbies on the list, right now one is up 11% on the week and the other 32.4% up. All in all I think we can claim a couple of small victories there, no ? 🙂

As well as the specific stocks, we’ll be checking out the political risk situation in the region of Colombia quickly becoming famous as home to Ventana Gold (VEN.to) and Greystar (GSL.to). Food for thought there, I’m sure. All that and the usual LatAm market watching and trading comments. It’d be great to see new faces on board, so if you feel like risking $25 on a month’s subscription the buttons are over there on the right. At $25 the risk is low, you can unsubscribe with ease and you might just learn something that makes you 10X or 100X that money. According to feedback from those on board already, a lot of people have paid for a year’s worth of service several times over thanks to the ideas and tips, so that’s gratifying.

Now unplugging. Enjoy the weekend, dudettes and dudes and look out for The Friday OT later on. I’m off to watch Del Potro (hopefully) close out Federer. ¡Vamos Tandil!

Update: Federer just showed why he’s a great champion

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