Take physic, pomp

The IKN Weekly Issue four is out tomorrow….

….and for your information here’s an unsolicited testimonial that plopped into my inbox today from subscriber ‘WA’ (thanks man):
A comment on my IKN Weekly…. This is a very informative publication, and those flash updates…I took a position in XXXXXXXXXXXXX seven days later +25%. Thank you. TRY.to has also been great, in since .84 to .92 range. How about an update on TRY and or DMM in the weekly?
As for those updates, WA, we’ll be taking a quick look at latest developments inTRY.to and DMM.to this week but not doing in depth analysis, as tomorrow’s edition has AUEX Ventures as its main fundy analysis dish. But as always there will be plenty more stuff on offer, including market watching, analysis of regional politics (with the aim of finding investment advantage, not just chewing the political cud) and an update on our ‘Stocks to Follow’ list that is up 11.3% on a level stakes basis since we started three weeks ago (even taking into account the hit that Cardero caused the portfolio this week). All that and more.

If you’re interested in signing on for the service but have questions, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll try my best to answer your query. Enjoy your weekend, dudettes and dudes. I’m now off to buy ice-cream for a small person who’s been in bed for two days and is now feeling a lot better….she deserves a break. I’ll be writing up the bits of the weekly that are still in my head and not yet in a computer archive this afternoon.

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