Take physic, pomp

The IKN Weekly, out now

All you nice subscriber people should have received your IKN13 by now. Any problems, please drop me a line.

All you nice non-subscriber people can still jump on board and get the issue as part of your shiny new sub if you like. At $25 a month and easily cancelled there’s little to lose with The IKN Weekly and a lot to gain. The goodstuff in IKN13 includes info on GUY.to, RML.v, BTO.to, XAU.to and a NOBS report on a very interesting looking small Mexican miner that will remain un-named on the open interwebnetpipes. There’s also a whole feature on mining risk in Mexico, so break out the burritos and nail me a shot of that there reposado with salt and lemon. ¡Andale!

Promo over. Have a nice day.

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