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The IKN Weekly, out now

The true truth is that aside from my early teenage years when, along with a couple of school friends I used to memorize auto specs and stats just for fun, cars have never been my thing. I’ve never been one to drool over flash models, I’m the guy who’ll walk straight past a Porsche or Maserati with not so much as a second glance. But the Ferrari 488 is different, it’s a work of art of wheels. That’s just drop dead beautiful and I’ve been waiting patiently for 488 to come up to be able to feature this photograph. Anyway, IKN488 has just been sent to subscribers. A script-heavy edition, running to 17,600 words and 33 pages. Mind you the last four or so are just fillers, I’m making it sound like there’s a ton of work here…

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