Take physic, pomp

The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN75 has just been sent to subscribers. It took a little longer this week to straighten out and get into form, perhaps because this week’s edition is more about what stocks to avoid than what stocks to buy and that’s often a subject that needs pretty precise language. We’re in the middle of a rampant bullish period for junior mining stocks and most anything is likely to fly at any given moment, from the top-class stocks to the downright dogs, anything is liable to a pop these days. So knowing what traps to avoid is likely to be as useful right now as screaming “buy this!” or “buy that!” at the top of your voice.
Anyway, no more burbling here. The 11,460 words contained in IKN75 are now available to those kind enough to have subscribed and I hope they get value from them.

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