Take physic, pomp

The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN610 has just been sent to subscribers. No picture.


    No pictue, thats what happens when you make fun of silver investors and you are wrong; you lose your joy for life and stop trying to be clever in the moments of abject humiliation


      Shouldn’t you be under a bridge somewhere asking someone for the answer to your riddle in order to let them pass? 🙂


        Jack, you are too addicted to lazy trolling for your own good. You’re not in a chatroom, you are in my living room. Are you the type of person who strolls into somebody’s house and starts slagging off the owner in front of his face? Fair warning, go publish your vomit somewhere else.


    Commenters are the dumbest people alive


    Too soon to tell if you were wrong. Let this play out for a day or two. Strength in gold is the real deal not silver.


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